You really cannot wait to share the Gospel.

Back when Adventist groups first started meeting together, it was largely because their own churches had pushed them out. Why? Because they had an urgent mission and they couldn’t keep quiet about their divergent beliefs. While some of the established churches believed that there would be 1,000 years of worldwide peace before the second coming, Adventists disagreed. They thought he would come in a year, or a week, or even today. So they really could not wait to share the Gospel.

Some of you might be waiting for something—to finish school, to leave your parent’s home, for your kids to leave your home—but the exciting thing about Christian life is that you are always on mission. You can always do something directly in line with it.

In her book Evangelism, Ellen White writes:

“Night after night I am praying and trying to devise methods by which we can enter these cities and give the warning message. Why, there is a world to be warned and saved, and we are to go East and West and North and South, and work intelligently for the people all about us.”

There is always something for you to do. If you’re in school, you can pray in the evening. You can plan something big, and start taking steps to make it happen. You can talk with your classmates, your family, your teachers; whatever burden is on your heart, you can start acting on it now.

The same goes for adults. So you have a full-time job? Great! You can pray in the evening. You can plan and collaborate with other Christians in your free time. You can talk with anyone.

Having a mission is exciting. Here is yours:

Go and make students everywhere, baptizing them and teaching them to obey everything Jesus taught you; then, once everyone has heard, Jesus will come back.

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