The Sabbath is still a specific day–Jesus prophesied about it.

It’s almost Sabbath!

Sabbath is one of the coolest commandments, and it just gets better with age. Imagine a command to stop working. It represents creation, the cross, and our total dependence on God. It is a sign from the beginning of time.

Interestingly, Jesus prophesied that the Sabbath would still be a very specific day even after He was gone.

“Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath.” -Matthew 24:20

He’s talking about persecution; likely the destruction of Jerusalem around 70 CE, but also possibly referring to the last days. Regardless, it’s after Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the Sabbath is still a time when fleeing would be something undesirable to do. And the day is so established, He advises us to pray that we won’t have to flee on that day.

The Sabbath still applies today, the same way it did when Jesus was alive. It’s Saturday, the seventh day, the day God rested after creating the world, and the day Jesus rested after saving it.

Remember the Sabbath.

What are your plans for it?

I might be preaching. I’m excited. If I do, and if I can record it, I might post it. Please pray!

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