Go buy that field (three reasons to talk about Jesus all the time).

The main reason for yesterday’s post was actually to push you towards talking more about Jesus.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, sharing your faith is the third staple of discipleship that’s rarely included with it’s well-known counterparts of Bible study and prayer. But it’s very real. There are at least three ways that raising awareness (my preferred term for evangelism) shapes your personal faith:

  1. Talking about Jesus forces you to think

Talking with people that don’t believe forces you to identify and critique the actual reasons you believe. It forces you to step back and try to understand yourself from another point of view. And that is a glorious exercise in strengthening your own faith.

2. Sharing your faith forces you to depend on God.

If you ever approach someone thoughtfully to share your hope with them, you realize that you cannot change their heart. You can never turn someone into a sincere believer. The primary force in any Christian awareness campaign is the Holy Spirit’s conviction. That is what changes people into believers. And that is what you need if you are going to share anything good about God. You need Him.

3. Bringing people to Jesus means you will see Him sooner.

One reason raising awareness is part of our mission is because Jesus wants to be with us in person again, soon. And when the entire world knows about what happened, that will be possible. He will come back. This is the most drastic way awareness will affect your faith; someday, when the Gospel reaches the globe, it will remove the need for faith, because Jesus will finally come back. Your faith will turn into sight.

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” -Matthew 24:14

I cannot emphasize enough how important sharing your faith is to personal discipleship. Remember these three reasons to share: it will help you think about your faith, depend on God more, and see Jesus sooner.

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