Get to the Point

Yesterday evening, at prayer meeting, I asked a few people to pray that God would teach me how to talk with people about my faith, and give me the courage to do so.

Later that evening, not thinking about my prayer, I picked up Welfare Ministry to do a little reading. I was not expecting a book about welfare to have much to say on evangelism, but I was surprised. One of the first headings I saw in the table of contents, under a section on neighborhood evangelism, was “How to Visit and What to Do.”

It’s crazy how God takes us seriously, sometimes.

So here’s a short passage about how to visit and what to do, from Welfare Ministry, taken originally from Manuscript 101888.

“Now, when we go into the house we should not begin to talk of frivolous things, but come right to the point and say, I want you to love Jesus, for He has first loved you…”

It seems like so much of the time, Christians do lots of good things without ever getting to the point about it. Maybe as a backlash from the idea of people being all talk and no action, we’ve hit the other side of the pendulum with all action and no talk–at least when we’re outside the church building or church friend circles.

But balance is key, we need action and talk. We need to get to the point.

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